Tips to play and win ‘cash’ in online poker

win 'cash' in online poker

Among the real money versions of poker, online poker cash games are the rawest and most authentic. Here there are no chips or tests, each bet you make in this type of tables will be directly on your bankroll or available money. If you bluff and it goes wrong, you won’t lose 2 points, it will be 2 euros from your pocket… and the same if it goes well!

So… what is cash in poker? The great particularity of online poker cash is that it is played directly on your money, not on fictitious chips. You enter a table with your available deposited in the operator, and you play with it in the bets. In tournaments, on the other hand, there is an exchange of money for chips or points, which are either recoverable later or have the objective of being ‘last man standing’.

How can you win at poker cash? The way to win in poker cash is to do things right, just as you did in the other version of the game, but taking into account some specificities. Here, for example, a specific error or a point of bad luck will be punished more directly on your game economy… so keep that in mind.

Differences between cash games and other tournaments

cash games

Before looking at the tips for poker cash, it is very important to fully understand the differences with Sit and Go tournaments or similar tables. If you are a regular player at cash games and you are looking for advanced advice or ‘tips’ that you were unaware of, you can continue reading in this article.

Flexibility in cash poker

While at other tables you have schedules or an obligation to finish the tournament to win, this is not the case in cash. When playing for money in real time, you can enter and exit at any time in started games. Simply, when you leave, you will do so with the money you have at that time.

In poker cash games, you don’t have to eliminate all the opponents to get the full prize, you can leave it when you’ve won enough or you don’t want to lose more (or you’re just tired). Now, this option will also be available to others. Later, we will study how to take advantage of these situations.

Mistakes and luck punish and reward

punish and reward

At a Sit and go table there is variance, that is, a good decision but it punishes you at that moment. That move that you would win 70% of the time, but now you get 30%. But since they are long games and require finishing with 100% of the player’s money, they do not penalize as much as they do in cash poker games.

A bad player who is lucky will also be rewarded more, since he will have already won something without having to do it again against more opponents at the table. Those 2 euros… have been won! Another thing is if you are looking for cash tips to earn interesting amounts, which will need more solidity.

Infinite money

While in a tournament you have a certain number of chips at stake, at the poker cash tables you can rebuy as many times as you want. It might sound good, but if you keep putting numbers and numbers into a game, and it’s not sustainable for the money you’re making, you can start to worry.

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