Are betting strategies suitable for all types of bets and betting markets?

betting strategies

Of course, each of you would like to make as much profit as possible with as little risk as possible. Accordingly, most betting strategies sound tempting, which assure a profit and may seem very easy at 22Bet.

However, each betting strategy has its own peculiarities and requires different financial possibilities. All of them are not self-propelling.

Even though there is no guarantee of winning, we think it’s a good idea to look into some of the betting strategies and see if they fit your financial budget and your betting habits.

In this way, you can find out for yourself whether certain types of bets arouse your interest or whether other types of bets and betting markets make more sense for you in the long run.



Keep the bets as simple as possible so that you can use the strategies particularly effectively. You should therefore initially go for single bets rather than more extensive combined bets.

Long-term bets: single bet, combination bet or with a system?

With long term bets you have the often described agony of choice. Classically, many combine a single bet with a long-term bet, for example on the overall winner of a season.

However, you can just as well place combination bets by combining the champion, the best player and the top scorer on one ticket and of course you can also place the same selection on a system betting slip.

Long-term bets have always been ridiculed, after all, none of you would want to invest a large amount with a sportsbook over several months without having access to it.

However, this changed in 2016 when Leicester City managed to win the English championship and the bets of isolated English soccer fans became public.

The odds on Leicester winning the title were put at 5,000:1 before the season, when the Foxes just managed to save themselves from relegation to the second English league. According to surveys, British bookmakers lost almost 9.8 million euros to customers who bet on a Leicester championship before the start of the season.

Of course, these are extreme examples, but they still illustrate the profit possibilities and also the fun that such long-term bets can trigger. You should keep in mind that the cash-out function allows you to sell your long-term bet at any time.

With the cash-out function, you can also speculate that a team or a player/driver will have an above-average start, at least in the first few weeks of the season, and thus increase their chances of winning the title.

If you then bet with a real strategy, i.e. if you cleverly combine different conditions for your tip and have the necessary intuition as well as luck, then the cash register can ring exceedingly loud. Not only Leicester bets have shown that in the past!

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