The best strategies for your NBA bets

strategies for NBA bets

I remember like it was yesterday when I first visited Madison Square Garden to enjoy the show that the New York Knicks were giving their fans. I promise you, it’s amazing to see how Americans live the NBA. Not even a minute of silence was breathed and without realizing it… in the end I ended up being part of them! I put on Carmelo Anthony’s shirt and just played… live the passion of the game!

So today I am here to give you part of the emotion that I experienced in the form of strategies for your bets on the NBA. Nothing more and nothing less than the 4 best. So, dress in your favorite team’s kit and… enjoy the game!

oh! And if you are thinking of betting on the NBA, you can always consult our Bets of the Day section, with the most outstanding NBA games of each day. So you won’t miss anything! What are you waiting for? But first, let’s go over those NBA betting strategies.

First of all… Don’t just focus on favorites!

A good strategy for your bets on NBA games is to bet on the teams that are not favorites. What do we mean by this? That when we do a previous study of the day, it is very important that we go to those high quotas that refer to the non-favorite teams. We have to keep in mind that a share of less than 1.25 is a share that has no value.

In the NBA, when a team is on a roll, the possibility of its performance lowering is considered in order to play its best game in the playoffs. Therefore, we can easily find odds of 3 and 4.

In summary, there are many reasons that can lead a favorite team to lose a match. We can find ourselves from the loss to the injury of one of the star players. Therefore, we have to take into account that, in the NBA, on many occasions, the game scheme is based mainly on the skills of this star player we are talking about. If we find ourselves facing an absence, poor form, or even a bad day, we can greatly increase our chances of winning our bet on the rival team.

Dare yourself! Play live and discover the secret that hides…

Play live

Eye! It is not so easy to bet live. We must have a strict control of the statistical situations and know how to anticipate what can happen during the game, so we must anticipate the changes that can occur and know how to act before them.

Rotations are one of the factors that can be most decisive in an NBA game.

Therefore, we have to take into account that the most compact NBA teams almost always start losing the first quarters, so those teams with more stars take advantage of the start of the game to get the most out of their best players. However, many teams correct negative partials. What do we gain with this? We can bet a much higher odds on the winner of the favorite after it loses some momentum.

Patience, your great ally in NBA games

That said, a good NBA betting strategy is to wait for the game to get complicated for the favorite team and be patient waiting for a reaction from its star players.

In the NBA, the critical moments are the ones that contribute the highest odds. It is very important to know when to act and above all not to rush.

Why do we say that patience can be one of the key elements in NBA games? Because many of the players, especially the most important ones from the best teams, turn out to be very accurate and their percentages go up a lot, especially in the last moments of the games. And this why? Mainly because of the physical exhaustion on the part of the defenders and because of their quality in the most decisive moments of the game.

Let’s not forget about… The handicaps!


Handicap bets are based on putting a handicap on the favorite team or giving points to the underdog. That is, one of the results of the two teams is voluntarily increased or reduced. For example, the Chicago Bulls face the Miami Heat and we favorite the Heat by 5.5 points (Miami Heat -5.5 or Chicago Bulls +5.5); This means that if we bet on the Miami Heat, they have to win by at least 6 points for us to win the bet; instead, if we bet on the Bulls, they can lose by 5 points or less.

Therefore, once we are clear about what these types of bets are about, I want to emphasize that handicap betting can become a very valuable tool when a team is more favorite than its rival. What’s more, the risk margin is reduced, so it is a great point in favor, right?

Therefore, these will help you at times when you are very sure of the victory of a particular team and if you already become experts in them… I won’t even tell you!

What was said! NBA games you are going to have every day, so do not be obsessed and look for your opportunity. Common sense, good management of your money, as well as a good dose of self-control and planning, is essential.

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